Most Common Cold Plunge Myths

Most Common Cold Plunge Myths


Myth #1: It gets easier 

- It doesn't actually, and that's a part of the benefit -- to get over the mental barrier. Our brains are wired to create short-cuts, go the easy route, and follow quick-fixes. Plunging everyday is a practice of going beyond thought-limitations and expanding comfort zones. Watch yourself go from "this sucks" to the relaxing stage during plunge and then feeling like this is one of the best natural drugs out there.


Myth #2: You'll catch a cold / Hypothermia on impact

- That's an old wives tale. There's no evidence proving you can catch a cold from cold exposure. As far as hypothermia goes, there can be a "too much, too soon" factor in cold exposure. However, you won't freeze to death on impact. We recommend plunging for 2 mins. Training your body, mind, and breath is key when plunging. 


Myth #3: "I run cold / I can't plunge"

 “Can't” is a limited mindset. Some people do “run cold” -- so to speak, you can start plunging at 12 degrees. In a world of ever-growing convenience, it’s imperative that we intentionally seek out things to challenge ourselves. Every time we challenge ourselves, we are stronger, more resilient, think better/faster, and become more adaptable. If you truly want to change your life, you'll need to challenge your life.